Project AINEIAS which is funded by the GREEK OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, EPET II of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Ministry of Development of Greece, aims to develop innovative methodologies, for the realization of open and easily usable Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems, for People with Special Needs in Greece. As a result, communication aids will be able to be built that would fulfill the needs of various groups of People with Special Needs, that would be of low cost and perfectly configured to the specific needs of each user.

Other products of Project AINEIAS have been:
a) two families of communication aids (both for face to face, and distant interpersonal communication),
b) a Dictionary of Blissymbolics Communication System in Greek (in both hardcopy and electronic form) and
c) an improved speech synthesizer for greek.

Prime Contractor: National Kapodistrian University of Athens - Department of Informatics

Consortium Members: 01 PLHROFORIKH
Rehabilitation Centre for People with Special Needs of Serres