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The Ithaca framework core components are needed for the framework to run on a MS-Windows 2000, XP, and Vista console. They must be installed and registered correctly, following the instructions and guidelines for each one.


ITHACA Data Interfaces

ITHACA-compliant intercomponent communication is achieved using special COM+ interfaces, called character, word, sentence, and message. These interface were created to convey the corresponding data types, acting like communication channels. ITHACA components either Publish or Subscribe to these interfaces. Publishers are input components, and Subscribers are output components. There are also intermediate components (both input and output) that are Publishers and Subscribers at the same time (preferably in different interfaces).

Data communication is realized by the component Interface.dll, which contains the Character, Word, Sentence, and Message Event Classes.

[Download Interface.dll]

[Download Interface.dll Open Source Code]


ITHACA Scanning

The ITHACA framework provides an internal optional scanning component. It consists of an Event Class DLL and a Scanner DLL. This core component allows for window-level, row (or group)-level, and button-level scanning. All components that support scanning will spontaneously cooperate with this core component.

[Download ScannerEventClass.dll]

[Download ScannerEventClass.dll Open Source Code]

[Download Scanner.dll]

[Download Scanner.dll Open Source Code]

ITHACA executable

Communicator.exe is the main and only executable program provided by the ITHACA framework. When run for the first time it installs the COM+ application in the Component Management Console and asks if the communication aid will support scanning or not. For each subsequent time it runs, it activates all Activate and Hidden classes of all installed components and handles the central administration of the application.

[Download Communicator.exe]

[Download Communicator.exe Open Source Code]