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The research interests of the Speech and Accessibility Laboratory focuses on the area of Computer Accessibility and Voice User Interfaces, as a part of the major domain of Human-Computer Interaction, with emphasis in;

  • Accessible Computing,
  • Spoken Dialogue Human Computer Interaction,
  • Usability,
  • VoiceWeb,
  • Voice Agents,
  • Voice Processing; Analysis and Synthesis of Speech and Singing,
  • Computer Mediated Interpersonal Communication,
  • Information Systems/Services and Assistive Technologies for Disabled and Elderly People,
  • Music Computing; Singing Voice Analysis, Virtual Musical Istruments, and Byzantine Chanting Analysis and Synthesis,
  • Gesture-based User Interfaces,
  • Information Technologies for Interactive Learning,
  • Accessibility of Documents (books, texts, journals, newspapers), and
  • Accessibility of Mathematics.