The members of the research team of ALEXANDROS Project are:

Division of Applied Physics, University of Athens:

As. Professor Constantinos Cartalis (Project Country Coordinator)
           tel. +30 10 7276926, fax. +30 10 7275281
As. Professor Despina Deligiorgi (Project Scientific Responsible)
           tel. +30 10 7276924, fax. +30 10 6018677
Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Research Assistant
Nektaria Adaktilou, Research Assistant
Athanasios Andritsos, Research Assistant
Katerina Niahou, Research Assistant
Antonia Malandraki, Research Assistant

Department of Informatics, University of Athens:

As. Professor Georgios Kouroupetroglou (Computer & Communication Systems Responsible)
          tel. +30 10 7275305, fax +30 10 7275333
Panayotis Matsinopoulos, Research Assistant
Constantinos Moutselos, Research Assistant
Evangelos Florias, Research Assistant

Dept. of Biology, University of Athens:

As. Professor M.Arianoutsou  (BIOLOGY:Land Cover, Species identification, Phenology)
         tel. +30 10 7274352, fax + 30 10 7243325

Kanella Radea, Research Assistant
Sevasti Papavasiliou, Research Assistant
Dimitrios Kazanis, Research Assistant

Mrs. S. Vanikioti (Physics BSc. - Oceanography MSc.) and Mr. Andreas Photopoulos (Physics BSc. - Meteorology MSc.) from the Greek Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Worksand Mr. G. Farangitakis (Economics BSc. - Biology BSc.) and Mr. S. Skabardonis from the Greek Ministry of Educationalso participate to the Steering Committee of the ALEXANDROS Project.

E-mail messages can be sent to: and the messages will be distributed to all the members of the Research Team.

Mailing Address:

As. Professor Despina Deligiorgi
University of Athens,
Dept. of Physics, Division of Applied Physics
Panespistimioupolis, F-5 Building,
GR-15784 Athens, Greece

The E-mail addresses for each member of the Research Team:

M.Arianoutsou or