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1st International Interdisciplinary Musicological Conference
The Psaltic Art as an Autonomous Science: Scientific Branches – Related Scientific Fields –
Interdisciplinary Collaborations and Interaction

29 June - 3 July 2014, Volos, Greece


Book of Abstracts

Keynote Papers

Abstract-CV Stavros Baloyanis: Psaltic art and the brain: Psaltic art and the brain: The philosophy of the Byzantine music from the perspectives of the neurosciences

Abstract-CV Dionysius Bilialis Anatolikiotis: The Psaltic Art as a Liturgical Experience (The interdisciplinary connection between chanting and practical theology)

Abstract-CV Konstantinos Charil. Karagounis: The Psaltic Art as an Autonomous Science: Scientific branches – Related Scientific fields – Interdisciplinary Collaborations and Ιnteraction

Abstract-CV Georgios Kouroupetroglou, Charalampos Papadakos, Gavriil Kamaris, Georgios Chrysochoidis and Ioannis Mourtzopoulos: Optimal Acoustic Reverberation Evaluation of Byzantine Chanting in Churches

Abstract-CV Δημήτριος Νεραντζής: Συγκριτικές προσεγγίσεις στην παλαιά και νέα σημειογραφία. Ζητήματα ερμηνείας της Βυζαντινής Μουσικής

Abstract-CV Michalis Stroumpakis: “Choir along with Bastaktes”. The development of sectors of Byzantine musicology in teaching and practical expression of psalmody. The combination between Theory and performance in the Program of University Ecclesiastical Academy of Herakleion Crete

Conference Papers

Abstract-CV Maria Alexandrou: The ‘master of the masters’ through the mirror of music theory - St John Koukouzeles and the protheory of the Papadike

Abstract-CV Maria Alexandrou- Study Group for Byzantine Musical Paleography: Byzantine Music for Warrior Saints

Abstract-CV Thomas Apostolopoulos: Notes on Psaltiki teaching, Organology and Interval Theory using K. Psahos's "Panarmonion" as a basis

Abstract-CV Jordan Krassimirov Banev: The Eastern Orthodox Chant and Its Epistemological Approach: Possibilities and Limits

Abstract-CV fr Alexandrel Barnea: Church Music of Byzantine Tradition - Support and Garment for the Liturgical - Dogmatical Word - A Theological Point of View

Abstract-CV Gordana Blagojević: Byzantine church music as a field for ethnological and anthropological research

Abstract-CV Blanka Bogunović and Marina Marcović: Serbian chant: Aspect of improvisation in a process of krojenje

Abstract-CV Antonios Botonakis: The use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) during the learning procedure of Byzantine Chantic Art, and of music as a whole, at the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Heraclion Crete, Department of Ecclesiastical Music and Chantic Art

Abstract-CV Alexandra Budu: The Process of Standardization of the Church Music of Byzantine Tradition in Romania

Abstract-CV Irina Chudinova: Sound and the Memory of the Place: Soundscapes of the Island Monasteries of the Russian North

Abstract-CV Zamfira-Irina Dănilă: Contributions to the adaptation to Romanian of chants in the 3rd volume of the Antologhia by Nectarie Frimu

Abstract-CV Costis Drygianakis: Aspects of Psaltiki in the digital world

Abstract-CV fr Gregory Edwards: Ecclesiastical Music and Mission

Abstract-CV Svetlana Filaretova: Church choir in the religious education system of cadet corps of Russia: lessons from the past

Abstract-CV Dimosthenis Fistouris: The art of singing Byzantine chant and the vocal technical issues

Abstract-CV Andreas Giakoumakis: Demotic folk music: spread and practical application of new discoveries in the field of demotic Tradition

Abstract-CV Emmanouel Giannopoulos: How will anyone understand what you are talking about if your message given in strange tongues is not clear? Tongue and music in the worship of God

Abstract-CV Vasiliki Gousi: Analysis of Byzantine Chant - Interdisciplinary approaches

Abstract-CV Georgios Hatzitheodorou: Older Dodecanesian Ecclesiastical Musicians (cantors - composers - theoreticians)

Abstract-CV Madalina Anamaria Hotoran: The Psaltic Byzantine Chant in Paul Constantinescu’s Creation

Abstract-CV Dušanka Jelencović - Vidović: (Public) Feminine Side of Orthodox Sacred Music in Serbia

Abstract-CV Charilaos K. Karagounis: Ioannis Anagnostis Kontopoulos - a Pelion Music Teacher andByzantine Hymnographer: his Life and Works

Abstract-CV Christos Karydis: Preventive Conservation of Ecclesiastical Archive Material

Abstract-CV Antonis Konstantinidis and Athanasios Stogiannidis: Scholarship and tradition, pedagogical aspects and educational problems in Psaltic art

Abstract-CV Georgios Konstantinou: An Intervallic Approach to Mode 2

Abstract-CV Spyridoula Kostara: The psychology of aesthetic communication

Abstract-CV Gregorios Kostaras: Ωραίον καί Aγαθόν

Abstract-CV Georgios Kouroupetroglou and Georgios Chrysochoidis: Formant Tuning in Byzantine Chanting

Abstract-CV Svetlana Kujumdzieva: The Graeco-Slavic Contacts in Psaltic Art: The Case οf Metropolitan Serafim of Bosnia

Abstract-CV Demetrios Lekkas: “I shall open my mouth…” Quantitative prosody, hirmological genus, psaltic chorus leader’s gesture: a common systemic overview

Abstract-CV Bachir Fouad Osta: The Melkite Liturgical Chant, forms and musical structures: Oral and Written tradition

Abstract-CV Panagiotes Panagiotides: The Use of Compound Time Measures of Rhythmin Syllabic Compositions in Byzantine Chant: Is it advisable?

Abstract-CV Dimos Papatzalakis: Καταλογογράφηση των μουσικών συνθέσεων του Παναγιώτη Χρυσάφη του νέου για το Στιχηράριο του Νέου Καλλωπισμού, βάσει των ευρισκομένων αυτογράφων του

Abstract-CV Miltiadis Pappas: The bibliography of Greek Ecclesiastic Music: Reference point - perspectives - organizing - evaluation

Abstract-CV fr Nektarios Paris: Stylianos Chourmouzios psaltic interpretation

Abstract-CV Ivana Perković: Music in Serbian sacred medieval literature

Abstract-CV Andreas Petrakis: The recorded musical expression of Vasileios Nikolaidis in John Protopsaltis Eothina Doxastika

Abstract-CV Ioannis Plemmenos: Ecclesiastical music and folklore research: the revival of an old relation

Abstract-CV Konstantinos Saitis: Kyriazis Daskaloudis, the composer

Abstract-CV Ioannis Sampsakis: Professional Voice and Voice Disorders in Professional Chanters

Abstract-CV Konstantinos Siachos: Repertorium of Codex – Writers of Greek Chanting music

Abstract-CV Adrian Sîrbu: The kathisma-prosomion “Tον τάφον Σου Σωτήρ”, by Mihalache Bucureșteanul (ms Lavra Z26). Αn Important Argument in Favour of Kathisma Belonging to the Diphonic First Mode (νάος)

Abstract-CV Spyridon Skortsis: The sound of prayer in the modern Orthodox Holy Church

Abstract-CV Dimosthenis Spanoudakis: Neuromusicology and the Science of Byzantine Chant: An interdisciplinary approach with multiple benefits

Abstract-CV Gregorios Th. Stathis: Orthography of Ison, Oligon and Oxeia

Abstract-CV Haris Symeonidis: The two hundredth anniversary of the musical reform, as spark for the restatement of the Theory of psaltic art

Abstract-CV Agamemnon Tentes: Proposals for a multidisciplinary approach of the musicological branch dealing with Greek Church Music under recent trends in international humanistic research

Abstract-CV fr Marius Ţepelea: Aspects regarding music and cult in early Christianity

Abstract-CV Achilleas – Apostolos Tigkas: Intercultural relationships of the chanters in Istanbul during the post-byzantine period

Abstract-CV Ariadni Tsalouchou: Emotions and virtues in Byzantine Music: Exploring the relevance or complementarity with Positive Psychology- The impact on everyday human life

Abstract-CV Konstantinos Vagenas: The composition and performing the hymns with emphasis at the meaning of the lyrics: historical overview and contemporary reality